Historic Waldensian Mill

img_4372Transformation, new growth, prosperity and opportunity—this is what the establishment of the Waldensian Hosiery Mill in 1901 generated for the early settlers of Valdese. The area became a prominent industrial center and grew to include factories, banks, general stores, and restaurants.

Now the 55,000 square foot complex is ready to continue and enhance that legacy. The Waldensian Mill has been transformed to welcome new development and foster economic progress.

One of our tenants Olive Hill Community Economic Development Center offers internet access and computer training among other services. The large warehouse room is being turned into a conference center.

What’s your vision? We are excited to partner with you as we re-introduce the Waldensian Mill as a thriving center for business, residence, and community involvement in Valdese.  Want to know more about this vibrant, historic town, visitvaldese.com?

Check out the Commercial Space page for more information on leasing at this historic site and for an up close look at some of the spaces available visit the gallery page for photos.

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